April 13, 2024

Preparing for the project’s launch involves careful planning and execution to ensure a successful introduction of the project, service, and initiative to our target audience. In this article, we will clearly outline the goals and objectives of our project launch. We will identify what we aim to achieve, whether it's generating awareness, acquiring new investors, boosting popularity, establishing our credibility and creating market demand.


Established in 2021, ABITCOINGOLD provides a secure and transparent platform for digital transactions, utilizing a hybrid system that blends elements of both centralized and decentralized systems. The uniqueness of ABG in the cryptocurrency space stems from its commitment to delivering innovative, accessible, secure, compliant, and user-friendly practical services. 

ABG operates similarly to Bitcoin, an asset that can be securely stored, widely accepted, and recognized as valuable by society.

As part of the preparation, the team continues to build anticipation behind the scenes by utilizing our social media, conducting giveaways to capture people’s attention, and engaging in marketing and partnerships to generate excitement. The community can also anticipate a LIVE Ask Me Anything (AMA) session where the most frequently asked questions can be addressed. We aim to illuminate doubts and fears, demonstrating that ABG has something great to offer in the crypto space. We intend to provide clarity and understanding about any uncertainties or concerns surrounding the project.

ABG IDO on Dxsale

On April 15th, 2024, the anticipated launch event will be conducted on DxSale. Our team is putting in a lot of effort to prepare for the launch by implementing strategies aimed at increasing the chances of success and achieving our goals effectively. We also want to establish a strong foundation while complying with the government regulations relevant to the project. ABITCOINGOLD is offering compelling products and services which potentially creates difference in the crypto space through an innovative idea that bridges the decentralized and centralized system. 

Presale link: https://www.dx.app/dxsale/view?address=0x90c06d7d2DB9F79DE331D33BA3788Cf788ac9554&chain=137

IDO Details:

Presale Starts: 15th April, 2024

Presale Ends: 25th, April 2024

Soft Cap: 150,000 MATIC
Hard Cap: 300,000 MATIC

Presale Rate: 0.054 ABG per MATIC

Listing Price : $25 per ABG

Liquidity: After a successful IDO, the ABG token will be automatically listed on SushiSwap, with 37% of the raised funds added for liquidity. Adding liquidity on a DEX after a successful presale can significantly benefit the project by improving market stability, enhancing the trading experience, increasing trading volume, enabling price discovery, providing access to the DeFi ecosystem, fostering community engagement, and promoting token utility and adoption.

ABG Use Cases

Potential value appreciation

The potential for value appreciation of ABG, which offers a limited supply, is rooted in the basic principles of supply and demand. When a token has a limited supply, it means that there are only a finite number of tokens that will ever exist. This scarcity can create a situation where demand for the token exceeds its available supply, leading to an increase in its price.

ABITCOINGOLD addresses several common problems and offers unique solutions to all of our users by introducing our ABG ATM machine technology. We believe that many people still find it challenging to access cryptocurrencies due to limited availability of exchanges or lack of technical knowledge. Our ABG crypto ATMs can provide a physical, user-friendly interface for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, making them more accessible to a broader audience, including those without access to traditional banking services or internet access.

Risk Management: Performing due diligence is essential for informed decision-making. Take the time to thoroughly research and analyze before proceeding.