Established in 2021, ABITCOINGOLD (ABG) is a cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain Network, offering practical solutions to a global user base by seamlessly connecting decentralized and centralized systems. ABG functions much like Bitcoin, serving as a securely storable asset with broad acceptance and widespread recognition as a valuable asset. 

ABG offers transparent and pragmatic functionality as it strives to revolutionize and improve established sectors and procedures within the crypto space. Boasting an exceptionally limited token supply of only 9 million, it not only ensures the preservation of value and rarity but also offers the potential for enduring price growth in the long term. This instills assurance in its durability, empowering users and investors to make well-informed judgments regarding ABG's forthcoming value and supply dynamics. 

ABG Token Details


Ticker: ABG

Decimal: 8

Total Supply: 9 Million

Main Network: Binance Smart Chain Network

BSC Contract Address: 0xDb2Ed8A8E53e9d0e91C65fED1DfE2edc35C3bdAa

In order to enhance transaction efficiency and provide users with more options, the ABG team has strategically decided to bridge 50% of the total supply to the Polygon Network. This bridging aims to strengthen and optimize the ABITCOINGOLD ecosystem, while also giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred network. 

Polygon Contract Address: 0xeEc7f90224df80CAa20E1c98158ede080A7EC4E9 

Polygon Network current supply: 4,500,000 ABG

ABG Products and Services

Mobile App: Our intuitive mobile application offers effortless access to the full range of services offered within the ABG ecosystem. Featuring an integrated cryptocurrency wallet, users can easily handle bill payments, acquire mobile credits, engage in online shopping, convert FIAT currency to cryptocurrencies, and conduct cryptocurrency transfers. The inclusion of an advanced AI system within the app guarantees a smooth and user-friendly experience, and it will be accessible on both Android and iOS. 

Coin Deposit Machine (ABG ATM Machine): We have developed a state-of-the-art Coin Deposit Machine, also known as the ABG ATM Machine, as a vital tool to connect the banking system of the ABG project. This innovative device allows users to both withdraw and deposit cryptocurrencies with ease. Whether you're looking to convert your crypto into traditional currency, securely deposit funds into your cryptocurrency wallet, or engage in any other cryptocurrency-related transactions, our ABG ATM Machine is the perfect solution. 

ABG ATM Card: Our ABG ATM Card functions as a versatile financial tool for ABG users. By linking their ABG ATM card to the ABG mobile app, users can access their crypto assets and utilize them for various transactions. With the ABG ATM Card, you can make purchases at supported merchants, withdraw cash from ATMs, and enjoy the convenience of a traditional debit card while seamlessly integrating with the crypto world. 

ABG Listing Exchanges (DEX/CEX)

Hold your $ABG on, we will provide the latest updates about the token launch and listing. 

What does ABG have to offer? 

Abitcoingold offers enduring stability, depth, and a lasting impact. It facilitates comprehensive problem-solving and innovation, leading to superior results and substantial growth potential. ABG initiatives promote the project growth, partnerships, and resource efficiency to enhance our project's reputation and adaptability. Over time, we aim to build a lasting legacy, and create sustainable value. This will position ABG as a strategic choice for individuals aspiring to achieve long-term success. To establish a strong foundation while complying with the government regulations relevant to the project.