ABG Listing on Unicorn Ultra (U2U) Wallet

September 26, 2023

Dear ABG Community,

We are excited to announce a major milestone for our project - Abitcoingold (ABG) is now successfully listed on the Unicorn Ultra (U2U) wallet! 

🎉 This achievement marks a significant step forward in our journey towards widespread adoption and recognition globally.

What is Unicorn Ultra (U2U)?

Unicorn Ultra is the Layer-1 blockchain platform designed based on the venture builder model that enables creators and developers to build any potential projects to serve for a decentralized future. U2U is governed by a decentralized council that aims to take advantage of community power to create global blockchain unicorns.

Visit their website: https://uniultra.xyz/

The listing on U2U wallet is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the unwavering support from our amazing community. We've worked tirelessly to bring our vision to life and to create a project that stands out in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency.

We believe that this listing will further enhance the accessibility and convenience for our community to engage with our project, making it easier than ever to trade and hold ABG tokens. The price of ABG will become visible and undergo updates once our application on CoinMarketCap has completely refreshed the data.

We invite you all to take advantage of this listing and explore the endless possibilities that it brings. This listing opens up exciting opportunities to engage with Abitcoingold and be part of its growing success.

Thank you for your continuous support and dedication. We will continue to innovate, grow, and reach new heights!